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ROWFRO iPad 7th 8th 9th Gen 10.2 Case, Heavy Duty Shield Case Shoulder Strap for Apple iPad 7 8 9 10.2


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ROWFRO is a rugged iPad Air 3 (2019, 2020, 2021) case that provides premium protection for your device. kiq heavy-duty cover with built-in stand that pops out and rotates 360 degrees protects your case all day long and is built to last. The quality, sturdy design displays clean lines and a comfortable grip.
Compatible with Apple iPad 10.2, (7th and 8th generation and 9th generation).
Made with a polycarbonate plastic case and soft silicone cover.
Built-in stand that flips and swivels on the back of the case so you can easily enjoy your favorite movies and shows on your iPad Built-in pen holder ring allows you to carry a compatible Apple pencil without additional accessories.
Built-in camera opening and charging port so you can charge/sync, take photos or record video with the front and rear cameras while the case is open.
A clear screen protector is included to attach to the iPad screen for extra protection. It keeps the tablet's screen in perfect condition and can be easily removed. It doesn't leave any smudges or residue behind.
Model-specific cases - See the model number on the back of your iPad below the logo. This case is only available for models A2197, A2200, A2198, A2270, A2428, A2429, A2430.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Good product

Good quality!


The case fits iPad perfectly, with no wiggle room. It feels like it's part of the iPad. The pen holder is very handy. It's been in use for over a month and it's as sturdy as the day I put it on. I was worried that the iPad would feel bulky, but the texture is smooth and, as I said, fits perfectly.

Good product

The size is suitable, and my IPAD perfect merger, with it to reduce the possibility of many IPAD deformation, the perfect protection of its status

I think people who have used it would recommend

I got it for a period of time to use the following feelings: I used this product for the first time, carefully observed the instructions, and indeed it Shen Tong up very smooth, the battery is originally charged, I intend to use after the charge, the power can basically maintain, I use 3-5 times

Bethany Valdez
It’s pretty good

It's very sturdy and the hard cover molding protects her i-pad from damage if she drops it or if something heavier accidentally falls on it and damages the screen. I like that the case comes with a velcro strap that allows her to easily slide her hand into the controls while moving it to a position where she can see or just carry it.