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ROWFRO Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth, IPX5 Waterproof Headphones, for IPhone, Running, Gym, Sports


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Compared to traditional sports earbuds, these Bluetooth headphones provide a stable wireless connection to your smartphone via 5.0 technology. With zero wires wrapped around your ears, you'll always have music to motivate you. Designed for sports, running, hiking, jogging, other outdoor activities and more. The earbuds are available in three different sizes, and we guarantee you'll get the size you like. Super Music Out is lightweight and comfortable, so you won't feel pain from wearing them for long periods of time.

Long playback time and LED battery display: Smart LED percentage power display lets you know exactly how much power is left in the dock and the charging status of the headphones. Each bud has a built-in 100mAh capacity battery with up to 12 hours of playback time. No need to worry about running out of battery power when you're out and about all day.
IPX5 Water and Sweat Resistant: The wireless earbuds are made with advanced waterproof materials and a reliable design to ensure superior waterproof performance. You don't have to worry about your headphones getting soaked in water due to sweat or rain during your workout. Enjoy your time while running, jogging, horseback riding or at the gym.
Comfortable and secure fit: Flexible and securely fitting ear hooks hold the earbuds in place while you move or work out, and the soft earbuds and ergonomic design provide a comfortable wearing experience. And make sure your sports earbuds are in place for sports, running, hiking, jogging and other outdoor activities without worrying about the earbuds falling out.
HD sound quality: After countless professional experiments and tests to produce this wireless sports Bluetooth headset, even at high volumes, it can produce very clean sound without distortion. The bass is rich and the sound is crisp. The noise cancellation is also very good due to the comfortable fit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Angela Aaseng
Best Product Purchase in Many Years!

This is what you see from the moment you see the box and pay attention to the details of the package, the plug is fully charged from the package. There is no waiting to hear the amazing sound that is produced. I'm not comparing these earbuds to earbuds.

Dale Fox
Better than expected

These earbuds work well for a 60-something person to be able to navigate! Set up was easy and took less than a minute but they are a bit challenging for me to get out of the case but not a huge deal. They came about 50% charged so I could use them immediately which was nice. Charging otherwise seems to go fairly quickly.The sound quality is awesome! The bass is stronger than anything I've used before like this and the clarity is impressive for both music and podcasts. Overall, I am really impressed with these and excited to use them!

Sharon Clark
Great range

I'm going to skip all the extra and just cut to the chase. I got these earphones hoping for an "ok" set of ear buds. In my opinion they are actually really great earbuds.Sensitivity- My earbuds weren't as sensitive as others are claiming so maybe that issue has been remedied or theirs were defective as the controls act sensible when using them.The case is quite small and versatile in the pocket or bag etc. (Type C charging also = win)An issue (to me) was the design...the case cover kind of gets in the way of getting the headphones out...still easy to get them out,just not as ergonomic as you think until you remove them. I'm sure someone with smaller hands would have no issues to note...but its still not a con to me,just a very minor inconvenience.The headphones feel solid,sturdy and built well as well as the rubber ear pieces...they are snug on the earphones,the earphones sit snug and secure and very comfortable. They come with quite a few sets of rubber tips to fit any ear.NOW: The volume is pretty high when you want it which I love ....The sound quality. It is quite fantastic,plenty of low bass. I tested the frequencies myself...its very stable across the whole range 20-20k... they start dropping off at 40hz but maintain great control and sound levels all the way to 20hz...clean bass... thuddering bass. I can't explain this in detail enough bc you almost feel the lows in you bones even though you can't hear these headphones in someone else's ears at all...Now for the punchy bass...as well as the very low bass which is great...the punchy bass is where these shine...kick drums and punchy bass lines sound GREAT on these headphones. All in all...the frequency range is very flat with no "major" tipping points like how most headphones fall off at 60hz and under.The Noise canceling does really good,you can still hear things...but barely (with the headphones off of course). And the battery life is as advertised...plenty of time on these to jam out.As I am an avid? Reviewer...if any issues arise,I will update this review the same day.Highly recommended for the price 10/10...

Sue Kelly
Amazing value for the price!!!!

Omg these earbuds are amazing for the price! They are nice and loud and have some good bass! I swear these have more bass than my $75 skull candy's do! The best part .... They are dam near the same size as the airpod pros so you can fit them into the cool silicone cases they sell for those headphones! I'd probably stick to silicone ones since silicone is a little stretchy and they aren't the exact same size!! I've always hated earbuds like this cuz I'm scared I'm going to lose them, buuuuuut I found a neck strap for these on? too! They just slip into little holes and then if you need to take them out real quick you can just let them hang from your neck. Instead of taking it out and sitting it down somewhere and possibly losing them! Definitely worth the $30 spent, these little things are amazing! Pairing was super easy and the different controls are super easy to use as well! Unlike my skull candy's where the controls are super confusing! If you're even thinking about buying these ... JUST DO IT!

Very compact, good quality case, sound is OK

I have a few pairs of earbuds, including some higher-end noise-canceling ones, but these have become my favorites. The case is small enough that I always have it with me and the audio quality is perfectly fine. These are as small as you'd want them to be and still hold up. I have big hands, but still, check out the pictures. Sound quality. The sound quality of the speakers is basically good. There isn't a lot of bass, but they are almost as good as any other cheap wireless earbuds I've used. Unlike many other inexpensive wireless earbuds, the microphone has good sound quality and can be used for phone calls, which is handy.