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SweetLF Electric Straightener Comb


Rose Purple
6 Temperature Settings:
Control 330-430°f (160-210°c), you can easily choose it works at what temperature.
Set 180°c(370°f) for customized natural texture hair.
Thicker hair higher temperature.

Auto shut off after 1 hour:
Set the desired temperature and the straightener will work for 1 hour then auto shutoff;
No worry about forgetting to shut off it after you finish it less than 1 hour.

Ergonomic design:
The shape and hand holding design are ergonomic and in good quality. The guard protection will prevent burns.
Easy to use as use as a brush:
1. Press the smart simple one-touch button to begin heating it. Set desired temperature and wait for less than 1 minute to reach the heat.
2. Hold certain parts of your hair with clips from top, middle, back, front and sides in order to make hair styling operation easier.
3. Straightening or detangling your hair in rich hair styles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Debbie Do
Curly Hair Girls- Must have!!

I absolutely love this product. Over the years I’ve bought so many different tools to straighten my hair. This one is by far the easiest to use and makes my hair look great. I have several friends that have bought them just because of my recommendation and how much I like it. It cuts time doing my hair in a half