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SweetLF Portable Pulse Oral Irrigator Waterproof Dental Floss with 5 Tips Dental Water Hygiene Floss 250ml DIY Adjustable Water Floss Pressure


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Cordless water flossing can effectively eliminate oral odor, plaque and interdental debris. Our products are suitable for: serious oral diseases; bleeding gums; orthodontic braces; dental diseases such as tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis; dental implants and dentures; oral cleaning can protect us from infections and other symptoms after oral surgery. When using water floss for the first time, your mouth and gums may not be used to the 3 water pressure modes, even after trying the soothing level setting, you still find the water force too strong. It is recommended that you try it for 2 weeks or more and then you can use the other intensity level modes, which will help you reduce the number of bleeding gums.

3 cleaning modes— Normal mode: Standard cleaning mode, which can effectively remove food residue from the teeth, deep clean the teeth and keep the mouth fresh.Soothing mode: Gently massage the gums.Pulse mode: pulse massage on gums; promote blood circulation.
360 degree deep cleaning of teeth and gum line. Equipped with 5 nozzles to effectively remove 99.99% of food debris hidden in the cracks of teeth and deep in the gums, which cannot be achieved by traditional brushing, while massaging the gums and promoting blood circulation.
220ml larger water tank for easy cleaning and removal. No need for multiple fillings for uninterrupted flossing. The removable water tank allows you to thoroughly clean the limescale inside.

IPX7 waterproof design, safer for bathroom shower use.

1900Amh powerful rechargeable lithium battery, our oral irrigator can work for up to 20 days after one full charge. USB charging function is designed for different charging methods such as mobile power, car charger, etc., which makes charging more convenient.

Portable design, ideal for travel, with a travel case to carry at any time.

Package Contents
1 x dental floss floss
5 x water flossing nozzles
1 x rechargeable cord
1 x travel bag
1 x Instruction manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Drew Hunthausen
Very pleased!

This flosser is a great value for the cost. It is very easy to use. It has several settings. I would recommend starting with the soft setting. It's not as soft as I expected, but it's comfortable and really gets the job done. I like that you can put the tank on the top rack of the dishwasher.

Good little water flosser,, it does a great job.

None of the instruction manuals included tell the difference between the different color tips.There are 4 tips included with a different color on each one and I am sure there is a very slight difference in the tip jet opening. Smaller would be more fine and intense, and a larger opening is less than that, but still good.So what's the different colors,,?

Water pic works great!

This device does a good job of cleaning between the teeth. Start with gentle movements as it takes a little time to get used to. The process is messy, but worth it. Your gums will thank you for it. It comes in a case, but it's big enough to fit in your travel bag, but I do carry it around with me. I highly recommend this product. It has a long battery life.

Joseph Robinson
It does the job!

I had never flossed with water before and I wasn't sure if it would really do the trick. My dentist suggested I get one and use it on top of regular floss. The first time I used it, I splashed water everywhere, but after a few attempts, I got the hang of it. I must say I am very impressed with the results. My teeth feel very clean, they look whiter than ever, my gums are coming back, and.

Cheyanne Mcdonald

Love the convenience of this little water flusher. No noise like the previous big water flusher. This easy to use flosser is much easier to operate ...... Although I wish the water tank was a little bigger. However, refilling the water tank in less than a minute is no problem. I had problems putting the tank and unit back together, but with use, it became easier. Regardless, I am very happy with this flosser.