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Men's beard growth and characteristics

On men's cheeks, the beard grows at a rate of 0.5 mm per day, so shaving becomes a daily routine. The razor is one of the closest objects to our skin in a man's life. At a frequency of once every two days, it will travel back and forth across your skin at least 10,000 times. Any man who is careful with his life will never be sloppy with his shaving, and he must have a good razor in his washroom.

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How to choose a suitable razor for yourself?

Men with fine, soft beards can opt for a rotary electric shaver, and a double-ended razor can also fulfill the shaving requirement. Hard and dense beard, fast growth rate, it is recommended to use a manual razor. Generally, two or three layers of razors can meet the basic shaving requirements. For those who have a particularly thick beard, a five or six layer razor can be chosen. People who are not prevented from using electric shavers purchase some classic models of manual shavers to use together. This really comes in handy when traveling. Men's daily use scenarios, at home, in the car, traveling, and in the office, should have the usual razors on hand, and, electric and manual together.

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